Around the Germans

Pinocchio – are you a beginner businessman. Alice Fox and cat Basilio holding Pinocchio’s legs for the purpose of shaking out all cash resources – are government agencies. Fox – Tax Inspectorate seeks Sloop legal taxes. Cat – the officials, firefighters, sanepidemschiki, cops and all shelupon wanting to warm their hands around someone else’s business. You-you do not know how to do, and that’s necessary to spin. So you’ve decided to become an entrepreneur and earn money. Big money. You are young, energetic and ambitious. Finished high school, read a few books on network marketing and mandatory Carnegie and Lee Yakkoku. Are you sure that by applying in practice the advice of Western managers can get rich? Profound mistake for our country. In the Russia of the early 21st century can become rich only in the division of the budget pie. And outsiders to “sawing” of the budget input is strictly prohibited. You do not agree with this statement and believe that money can be earned by honest means, for example by producing something. I would like to note that the producers in this country do not like. Love earners. For example, oil. Or gas. Drilled a hole in the ground and shake what you’ve never owned, but it brings a fantastic profits. You do not happen to have oil reserves in the country site? No, you’re still looking to make something useful for society. Romantic of capitalism. Well, let’s go on this difficult path with unpredictable results. We first determine the shareholders or holders of the future of the company. For simplicity, we solve – you are one. The presence of partners in business sooner or later lead to scandals, the partition of money, property and buying false documents to reside in remote parts of our earthly ball. Then formed a legal entity. No, of course you can work without this simple owner of the entity. But you do not want to represent your future Western partners (certainly organize the production of goods suitable for the Western market) as ECP Doe. Somehow undignified. So, organize, LLC. Limited Liability Company. The word “limited” warms the soul. Here, the state is already the first time and took care of beginners in business and by limiting its liability, the main burden of care has taken over! It is not necessary to amuse useless illusions. The first thing you have to remember: the state – is an apparatus of violence. It is not I said, this is Lenin. Continue reading

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